a lightweight module to pretty print a bunyan stream.

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  import bunyanPmx from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bunyan-pmx';



bunyan-pmx is a lightweight bunyan stream to log to keymetrics.io.



npm i -S bunyan-pmx


This module creates a bunyan stream that writes to pmx. It uses the linked pm2 account to interact with the pmx api. At this time, only scoped actions are supported (bunyan-pmx requires the scoped action data and res parameters in its constructor).

If there are additional bunyan loggers that must be intercepted and relayed to pmx, they can be specified in the hijackLoggers array parameter of the bunyan-pmx constructor.

Plan to add support for non scoped actions and other integration points in future releases.

How to use

import { createLogger } from 'bunyan'
import BunyanPmx from 'bunyan-pmx'
import pmx from 'pmx'

/** bunyan logger used throughout application (optional) */
import log as hijackLog from './log'

/** Useful in bin scripts - when there is already a logger being used throughout the app it can be passed to the BunyanPmx stream writer within hijackLoggers array. */
const createPmxLogger = ({ name = 'pmx', level = 'info', streams = [], data, res } = {}) => {
  const stream = new BunyanPmx({ data, res, hijackLoggers: [hijackLog] })
  const pmxStream = { level, stream }
  return createLogger({ name, streams: [pmxStream, ...streams] })

pmx.scopedAction('start', (data, res) => {
  const log = createPmxLogger({ data, res, level: 'trace'})
  log.info('woohoo, this is getting transmitted as a log to keymetrics.io!')

  /** DO STUFF */


The BunyanPmx class constructor takes a single options argument with the following properties:

Name Type Description
data Object (required) The data callback argument from a pmx scoped action
res Object (required) The res callback argument from a pmx scoped action
reply (unimplemented) The reply callback argument from a pmx action (coming in future release)
serializer function (optional) A custom serializer that will be proxied arguments as stream is written to. Should return the preferred string log format to be displayed on keymetrics.io. Defaults to a human readable format.
hijackLoggers Array (optional) An array of bunyan loggers that should be hijacked and rewritten to pmx stream.