A Bunyan stream for pushing messages using pushover

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A Bunyan stream that logs using the Pushover service.


  var bunyan = require('bunyan');
  var Pushover = require('bunyan-pushover');

  var logger = bunyan.createLogger({
    name: 'bunyan-pushover test',
    streams: [{
      type: 'raw',
      stream: new Pushover({
        user: 'user key',
        token: 'pushover app api token'

bunyan-pushover takes the following options. Both 'user' and 'token' are required:

  • user: The user key for the Pushover user who will receive the notifications.
  • token: The Pushover API token for your application.
  • device: The device which should receive the notifications (optional).
  • sound: Which custom notification sound to use (optional).
  • priority: Priority of messages, see https://pushover.net/api#priority (optional).
  • retry: How often Pushover should resend the message to the user, in seconds (optional).
  • expire: How many seconds notification will be retried for (optional).


  $ npm install bunyan-pushover


MIT-licensed. See LICENSE.