a lightweight module to pretty print a bunyan stream.

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  import bunyanSerializer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/bunyan-serializer';



bunyan-serializer is a lightweight module to pretty print a bunyan stream.

Dependences: none



npm i -S bunyan-serializer


This module creates a serializer that prints a bunyan stream in a human readable format. It was created for situations where you want readable log text and you aren't running bunyan from the CLI (cannot pipe to bunyan for pretty-printing).

I may add other formats down the road if there is a need for them so I've tried to setup its API to be as future proof as possible.

How to use

import { createPrettySerializer } from 'bunyan-serializer'

/** Optional parameters shown are the defaults if any or all are omitted. */
const serializer = createPrettySerializer({ showName: false
                                          , showHostname: false
                                          , showPid: true
                                          , showTime: true
                                          , showError: true
                                          , showSilly: false

// ... within bunyan stream

  write = (...args) => {
    try {
      // dispatch a human readable string to whatever media the stream is targeted at.
    } catch(err) {
      return false
    return true

// ...


createPrettySerializer takes the following options:

Name Type (default) Description
showName Boolean (false) Show the name of the logger in logs.
showHostname Boolean (false) Show the hostname in logs.
showPid Boolean (true) Show the process id in logs.
showTime Boolean (true) Show the time in logs.
showError Boolean (true) Show error details in logs.
showSilly Boolean (false) Show extra debug information (for development / debugging purposes)