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ButterCMS JS client

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For a comprehensive list of examples, check out the API documentation.


Requires node.js version 4 or greater.

npm install buttercms --save

Butter can also be included directly in HTML:

<script src="https://cdnjs.buttercms.com/buttercms-1.1.4.min.js"></script>


Every resource is accessed via your butter instance:

var butter = require('buttercms')('api_token_567abe');

Using ES6:

import Butter from 'buttercms';
const butter = Butter('api_token_567abe');

Using TypeScript:

import Butter = require('buttercms');
const butter = Butter('api_token_567abe');

Using CDN:

  var butter = Butter('api_token_567abe');

Every resource method returns a promise:

// Get blog posts
butter.post.list({page: 1, page_size: 10}).then(function(response) {


Where you see params it is a plain js object, e.g. {page: 1}. For a list of params see the API documentation

  • page
    • retrieve(page_type, page_slug[, params])
    • list(page_type[, params])
// Get page
butter.page.retrieve('casestudy', 'acme-co').then(function(resp) {


  • content
    • retrieve(collection[, params])
// Get FAQ
butter.content.retrieve(["faq"], {locale: 'es'}).then(function(resp) {

Preview mode

Preview mode can be used to setup a staging website for previewing content fields or for testing content during local development. To fetch content from preview mode add an additional argument, true, to the package initialization:

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', true);

Or use an environment variable:

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', process.env.BUTTER_PREVIEW_MODE);

Blog Engine

  • post
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
    • search(query[, params])
  • category
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
  • tag
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
  • author
    • retrieve(slug[, params])
    • list([params])
  • feed
    • retrieve(type[, params])

See our node app for a full example.


The default timeout threshold is 3000ms but you can change it:

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', false, 5000);

Axios hook

If you need to custom headers, caching, automatic retry or any other specific functionality on the transport layer, you can hook up into the Axios instance creation process. Supply the axiosHook callback parameter and Butter will call you when Axios is being created:

function axiosHook(axios) {
  axios.interceptors.request.use(function requestLogger(config) {
    console.warn("Axios requested", config.url, config.params)

    return config;

var butter = require('buttercms')('your butter API token', false, 5000, axiosHook);


Documentation is available at https://buttercms.com/docs/api/node


View NodeJS Blog engine and Full CMS for other examples of using ButterCMS with NodeJS.