Belle & Wissell, Co. Asset Downloader

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Belle & Wissell, Co. Asset Downloader

Command-line Node app that creates local copies of JSON data sources and their image/video/etc asset files.


The downloader:

  • Reads from any number of JSON API endpoints
  • Compiles a list of asset URLs, based on specified JSON nodes
  • Downloads assets to a temporary folder on the local machine, naming the files to match the JSON schema
  • Rewrites the paths of the assets in the JSON file(s) to match the local path, and saves the JSON file(s) locally
  • Moves fully downloaded JSON and asset files to a specified location on the local machine, overwriting any existing JSON & assets
  • Clears the temporary downloads folder

Quick start

Clone and run the movingobjects/bwco-asset-downloader repo to get started:

$ git clone
$ cd bwco-asset-downloader
$ npm install
$ node download --config config.example.json


  1. Configure the downloader in the config.json file
  2. Run the downloader:
$ node download

Custom config file

By default, the app will read its config values from config.json. To use a different config file, use the --config argument, like so:

$ node download --config config.custom.json

Note: The file must be sitting in the project folder.

JSON only

To skip all asset downloads and only download the JSON files, use the -j (or --json_only) argument, like so:

$ node download -j
$ node download --json_only

Note: This can be used safely to update JSON files without affecting existing assets folders.

Temp folder

If the downloader fails at any point, the temp folder will contain whatever data and assets were downloaded before the failure. This folder can be cleared out by running:

$ npm run clean


Configuration is made in the config.json file. An example config.example.json file is provided to demonstrate usage.


Full local path to the base directory of the relevant project. Rewritten asset paths in the JSON will be relative to this path. You may start the path with ~ to specify the home directory.

Note: this directory will not be overwritten.


Name of the folder within the project directory where all downloaded data should be stored. Typically, this is set to assets.

Note: this directory will not be overwritten.


An array of schema objects, each representing a single JSON data format/structure.

A schema may specify multiple sources, so long as the JSON of each source follows the same data format/structure.

  • sources: Array of sources
  • assets: (optional) Array of assets
    • If omitted, only the JSON for this source will be downloaded


An array of source objects, each representing a single JSON API endpoint to read from.

  • url: Full URL to the JSON endpoint
  • targetFolder: Folder name (inside the inside the schema's targetPath) where the data & assets for this source will be stored. Warning: if a folder of the same name already exists here, its contents will be overwritten.
  • targetFilename: Filename of the downloaded JSON data file


An array of strings, each representing a node (or set of nodes) within the JSON where an asset URL is specified.

Each string is formatted to dig down one node at a time through the JSON to reach a final node with a URL. Node names are separated by . (periods) and can represent objects, arrays, or (if at the URL node itself) a text node.

e.g., the following assets array will capture all of the image and video URLs in the JSON below.

"assets": [
  "settings": {
    "background": {
      "enabled": true,
      "img": "",
      "opacity": 0.75
  "stories": [
      "title": "First story",
      "img": ""
      "title": "Second story",
      "img": "",
      "vid": ""
  "otherImgs": [