Byte-Sized JavaScript Website

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Byte-Sized JavaScript Website

  1. write mocha tests for youtube api. Use nock for youtube responses: (what are the disadvantages; versus advantages: advantage makes tests reliable and deterministic)

Create a universal hello-world app.

  1. create a App react component
  2. save the rendered output as HTML
  3. whenever a new video is published, that html should be rerendered too.

universal app:


  • test backend methods using Mocha (the json generators and stuff)
  • test front-end components using Karma and mocha


  1. Generate an index.html from videos.json that lists the videos embeds a player etc. it should also have dynamic functionality:
  • tapping a specific tag will show only the videos related to that tag.
  • the page will display all videos with thumbnails and a play icon which will dynamically start the play / embed youtube player etc.
  • add sorting for fun: sort by date created, popularity, alphabetically