CLI tool builder using 'cola' namespace.

Usage no npm install needed!

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CLI tool builder using 'cola' namespace.



Assuming you have node.js installed, run

npm i -g colapack-cli

This package contains an executable under the namespace cola, and all it really does is looks for a file named colapack.js in the current directory you call cola from.

Unless you have a file named colapack.js in your current directory, you should get a warning when running cola in your terminal/cmd.exe.

Colapack-cli Error


Create a directory(name it anything you want) and inside that directory create a javascript file called


colapack.js gets executed when you call 'cola', so use it wisely.

To test, console.log anything for now and save the file.

Now make sure you're in the directory with the colapack.js file and enter cola into the terminal and you should have the colapack.js file executed within that directory.

Pretty neat huh...

Here is everything we just did...

Colapack-cli Use Case

You can go ahead and get creative using node and all of its super awesome npm packages, but also stay tuned for colapack v0.1.2. This package will be a library of tools and default plugins, intended to be used for building command line tools.

For a quick example of how to make a CLI using node and npm, head over to this article I wrote to remind myself how to do it.