Concatenate a sequence(array) of string values with a comma separator excluding the last value.

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<script type="module">
  import commaCat from '';


Comma Cat NPM Package:

Concatenate(combine) a sequence(array) of string values with a comma-and-space(the delimiter) to separate each value excluding the last value, so an array like this ["1", "2", "3"] will end up looking like this 1, 2, 3.

How to require(import) this package:

const commaCat = require("comma-cat.js");

import commatCat from "comma-cat.js";

Code usage:

commaCat(["value-1", "value-2", "value-3"])

Notes about package:

  1. commaCat is a function.
  2. it accepts an array that must contain string values or else you will get a console error message telling you otherwise.
  3. This package will not convert value to a string, so passing in 1 will not be converted to "1". This is intentional and is meant to resemble strict type checking like typescript or a strongly typed language such as JAVA or C.
  1. Add a testing framework to test code with code rather than relying purely on myself and other humans to test.