This is an extension for the Contentful authoring environment.

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This is an extension for the Contentful authoring environment.

It adds a new widget for "list of plain text entries" fields (that is, fields of type Symbols). This widget allows adding, editing, reordering, and deleting entries.

It looks like this:


It's built with React and makes use of React Sortable.


The extension.json file in the repository is set up to point to unpkg, which acts as a CDN for the latest version of this extension published to NPM.

This means all you have to do is point Contentful to this file:

  1. Space settings
  2. "Add extension" button
  3. Install from Github
  5. "Install" button


  1. Run npm start to start the dev server over HTTPS

  2. Go to the local URL it gives you to accept the self-signed certificate (note that the extension will not work in this context)

  3. Install the extension to your Contentful space but point to this local server:

    contentful extension create --space-id $SPACE_ID --src https://localhost:3000

    If you've previously installed this way you'll need to use the update command instead:

    contentful extension update --space-id $SPACE_ID --src https://localhost:3000 --force

    See the docs for more details.

  4. Go look in Contentful at an entry which uses this extension


  1. Make and commit all changes
  2. Bump version by running npm version with relevant arguments; this will make another commit and a tag
  3. Push the commits and tags
  4. Run npm publish to build, package, and publish