controlio subsystem for displaying a status web interface

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An optional web interface for controlio.


Offers various views for status data.


  • Auth: Switch to session based auth, HTTP auth is stupid.

  • When logging is implemented: Host/Check details: Show log data

  • Implement hashing options for passwords

  • Allow using a .htpasswd file for passwords (http-auth module has that built in anyway)

  • Check details: When issuing re-trigger, automatically update every second until check is done

  • Host Details: Ability to re-trigger all checks

  • Host/Check config: Do not display entire object as this may contain passwords

  • New overview: Sum of checks per status (forget about hosts perhaps), then a list of errors

  • List of checks: Filter by status, check type or other things

  • Allow replacing views and public files per application

  • Allow adding routes with own code