conventional-changelog preset

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A concrete implementation of the specification described at for automated CHANGELOG generation and version management.

Indirect Usage (as preset)

Use the Conventional Changelog CLI Quick Start with the -p conventionalcommits option.

Direct Usage (as a base preset so you can customize it)

If you want to use this package directly and pass options, you can use the Conventional Changelog CLI Quick Start and with the --config or -n parameter, pass a js config that looks like this

'use strict'
const config = require('conventional-changelog-conventionalcommits')

module.exports = config({
    "issuePrefixes": ["TEST-"],
    "issueUrlFormat": "{prefix}{id}"

or json config like that:

    "options": {
        "preset": {
            "name": "conventionalchangelog",
            "issuePrefixes": ["TEST-"],
            "issueUrlFormat": "{prefix}{id}"

This last json config way passes the preset object to the conventional-changelog-preset-loader package, that in turn, passes this same preset object as the config for the conventional-changelog-conventionalcommits.

See conventional-changelog-config-spec for available configuration options.