Configuration preset loader for `conventional-changelog`.

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  import conventionalChangelogPresetLoader from '';


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Configuration preset loader for conventional-changelog.


$ npm install --save conventional-changelog-preset-loader
var conventionalChangelogPresetLoader = require('conventional-changelog-preset-loader');

configuration = conventionalChangelogPresetLoader(`angular`);

The string that is passed to the preset loader is manipulated by prepending conventional-changelog to the name.

For example:

  • angular => conventional-changelog-angular
  • angular/preset/path => conventional-changelog-angular/preset/path
  • @scope/angular => @scope/conventional-changelog-angular
  • @scope/angular/preset/path => @scope/conventional-changelog-angular/preset/path

Will return whatever is exported by the preset package. That may be a configuration object, a function, or a promise.


MIT © Steve Mao