Commitizen adapter following the conventional-changelog format.

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This is a fork which only updates the package.json to use a forked commitizen lib, commitizen-forked-sc. This lib should be easily kept up to date with the source repo


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Part of the commitizen family. Prompts for conventional changelog standard.



Like commitizen, you specify the configuration of cz-conventional-changelog through the package.json's config.commitizen key.

// ...  default values
    "config": {
        "commitizen": {
            "path": "./node_modules/cz-conventional-changelog",
            "maxHeaderWidth": 100,
            "maxLineWidth": 100,
            "defaultType": "",
            "defaultScope": "",
            "defaultSubject": "",
            "defaultBody": "",
            "defaultIssues": ""
// ...

Environment variables

The following environment varibles can be used to override any default configuration or package.json based configuration.

  • CZ_TYPE = defaultType
  • CZ_SCOPE = defaultScope
  • CZ_SUBJECT = defaultSubject
  • CZ_BODY = defaultBody
  • CZ_MAX_HEADER_WIDTH = maxHeaderWidth
  • CZ_MAX_LINE_WIDTH = maxLineWidth


If using the commitlint js library, the "maxHeaderWidth" configuration property will default to the configuration of the "header-max-length" rule instead of the hard coded value of 100. This can be ovewritten by setting the 'maxHeaderWidth' configuration in package.json or the CZ_MAX_HEADER_WIDTH environment variable.