Interface for the convertio API.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Convertio (An unofficial api for nodejs)

Interact with the API through nodejs! Super simple.

Attention: Because this module is very new, some of its api may change in the future.


npm install convertio

Usage Examples

const api = new Convertio("<< SECRET API KEY >>");

Convert From Url

const url = "";

api.convertFromUrl(url, "png");

Convert File on Disk

const fs = require("fs");
const buffer = fs.readFileSync("/path/to/file.pdf");

api.convertFromBuffer(buffer, "docx");

Get Status of Conversion

const status = await api.getStatus("CONVERSION ID");
console.log(`Step ${status.step} is at ${status.stepPercent}%`);

Write Converted File to Disk

const fs = require("fs");

const buffer = await api.getFileContent("CONVERSION ID");
fs.writeFileSync("/path/to/file.png", buffer);

Add a Webhook to the Conversion

const url = "";

api.convertFromUrl(url, "png", { callbackUrl: "" });


  • Add Direct File Upload For Conversion