React library to add convertkit forms to React applications

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<script type="module">
  import convertkitReact from '';


ConvertKit React

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Easily plug convertkit forms to your React and Gatsby websites.

Using Vue? Try ConvertKit-Vue


yarn add convertkit-react


View examples on how to use different templates here and how to style your form with custom styling here


import ConvertKitForm from 'convertkit-react'

const MY_FORM_ID = 1234567

function HomePage() {
  return (
    <ConvertKitForm formId={MY_FORM_ID} />

To get your form id, go to the form you have created on convertkit and choose the HTML embed option.

form embed screenshot

Here you'll pick out your form id from the form action in the embed code:


Passing custom configuration options

function HomePage() {
  const config = {
    formId: MY_FORM_ID,
    template: 'mills',
    emailPlaceholder: 'Enter an email address',
    submitText: 'Sign up',

  return (
    <ConvertKitForm {...config} />

Configuration Options

Property Type Default Description
format String inline inline, modal, slidein, sticky
template String minimal Templates in the app + minimal
submitText String Subscribe Text shown in submit button
headingText String Varies per template Text shown in heading
disclaimerText String Varies per template Text shown in disclaimer area
emailPlaceholder String Your email Placeholder for email input
namePlaceholder String Your first name Placeholder for first name input
nameLabel String First name Custom name label
emailLabel String Email Custom email label
showLabels Boolean false Shows labels with form inputs or only rely on aria-label
hideName Boolean false Hides the name input field
newTab Boolean false Determines if form should be processed in new tab or current
stack Boolean true Determines if inputs are stacked or placed inline
hideWarnings Boolean false Hide warnings that are shown due to misconfiguration
backgroundImage String default on template Use a different background image for your form
backgroundOpacity Number 0.8 Opacity here is the inverse of what is on the app which really measures transparency
buttonBackground String Varies per template A valid CSS color string
buttonColor String Varies per template A valid CSS color string

The minimal template has no preconfigured styling, leaving you options to style as desired. To get a preconfigured style, use one of the app templates (clare, mills, rainier, powell etc) as seen on the app.


To change the subheader (sometimes referred to as content) you may just add children inside the <ConvertkitForm> component like below:

<ConvertKitForm {...config}>
  <p>Subscribe to get our latest content by email.</p>


To publish a package:

./publish X.X.X "Message about version"

where X.X.X is the version number.