An es6 implementation for Conway's Game of Life

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An ES6 implementation of Conway's Game of Life. Given it's current state, calling #next will return a new instance of the game initialized with the next state. In that sense, the game works as a stream of essentially immutable states.


HERE is a basic example of an EmberJS app utilizing ConwayJS


    npm install --save conwayjs


    const Conway = require('conwayjs');

    // create a new game instance.
    let conway = new Conway();
    // get the current game board (2D array of 0s ad 1s)
    let board = conway.board;
    // get the next game instance
    conway =;

The default board size is 100x100. You can pass in an instance of your own if you wish in the following way:

    // create a new game instance with a game board that is 50x50
    let conway = new Conway(Conway.createBoard({width: 50, height: 50}));

When you create a new game instance it will automatically get populated with a random set of living and dead cells. You can disable that if you wish:

       let conway = new Conway(Conway.createBoard({width: 50, height: 50, preFill: false})); 

You can influence the state of game like so:

    let conway = new Conway();
    let row = 0;
    let column = 1;
    // check if a given cell is alive
    conway.isAlive(row, column);
    // toggle the state of a cell 
    conway.toggleCell(row, column);
    // revive a cell
    conway.reviveCell(row, column);
    // kill a cell
    conway.killCell(row, column);

Print the current board to console:

    let conway = new Conway();