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Class 04 Node Architecture, Asynchronous, Events

Questions and Feedback

  • file system command are relative to cwd (pwd)
    • not the same as require which is relative to the file in which it appears
  • mocha -w hangs on some errors
    • nodemon
  • ?

Learning Objectives

  • Have a working model of asynchronous programming in NodeJS
  • Utilize events and event emitters


Node.JS Architecture

  • What is it?
  • Node Event Loop
    • Basic node architecture 101
    • v8 + event-loop + os-lib
    • Thread - actual "thread of execution"
    • Event loop explained
    • JavaScript single threaded event model
  • Demo: event-loop.js

Event Emitter pattern

  • Subscribe and use an event emitter
  • Streams
    • as event emitters:
      • on: data and close
    • write
  • Files as streams
    • Demo fs.createReadStream()

Managing asynchronicity

  • Some hard rules:
    1. You can't create asynchronicity with just js
    2. If your building functionality on top of asynchronous APIs, then your library must be asynchronous!
    3. If a function or method uses asynchronous activity to complete its work, then that function must have an asynchronous interface (returns a promise)!
  • Wrapping with promises
    • require('util').promisify for node callbacks
    • new Promise((resolve, reject) => { /*...*/ })
  • Demo:
    • Evolve CoolStringifier
      • "static" methods
    • Mocha done
      • test parameter
      • Tests function.length
      • if > 0, test is async,
      • calling done with any non-null argument is failure (matches node callback signature)
    • return a promise!

Use nodemon to run mocha in watch mode

  • Demo: package.json

Developer Focus