A simple multi-application manager for VPSs.

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Cootie is a tool for easily running a VPS with multiple Node servers. In a normal environment, adding a new project involves many steps: cloning the project, writing nginx configuration, setting up a daemonizer, etc. To top it off, your VPS probably didn't come pre-loaded with nginx, so you had to go through multiple install processes to get the environment set up.

Cootie allows you to manage all of your applications centrally:

cd /opt
git clone

# cootie add [path to server] [port] [hostname[ hostname [...]]]
cootie add /opt/mygreatwebsite/app.js 8001

# If you've never run Cootie before
forever start cootie

# If you already have Cootie set up
forever restartall

Things Cootie is not

  • A replacement for nginx. Cootie isn't built for speed.
  • Production ready. I wouldn't trust Cootie to bear the burden of a production website.
  • Magic. Cootie wraps multiple libraries and supplies much of the glue code for building a stable platform. Cootie does little more than that.