StatsD backend for CopperEgg

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StatsD backend for CopperEgg


This is a pluggable backend for StatsD, which publishes stats to CopperEgg.



$ cd /path/to/statsd
$ npm install copperegg-statsd-backend


You have to add the following basic configuration information to your StatsD config file. You can find your apikey in the CopperEgg webapp, under Settings.

  copperegg: {
    apikey: "ha6dg12d8ah129d"


Add the copperegg-statsd-backend backend to the list of StatsD backends in the StatsD configuration file:

  backends: ["copperegg-statsd-backend"]

Start/restart the statsd daemon to pick up the changes and have your metrics sent to CopperEgg.

Additional configuration options

The CopperEgg backend also supports the following optional configuration options under the top-level copperegg hash:

  • debug: For debugging if something goes wrong.

  • metric_group: This is the name of the metric group you created in the CopperEgg UI. Defaults to 'statsd' but you need to create it. It should contain a metric for each metric name you send to statsd.

  • object_name: This is a way to identify the metrics. The default is to use the hostname of the system statsd is running on. You can change this to anything you want as long as it is unique. Metrics you send will be 'attached' to this object.

Publishing to multiple backends simultaneously

You can push metrics to multiple backends simultaneously, such as CopperEgg and Graphite. Just include both backends in the backends variable:

  backends: [ "./backends/graphite", "copperegg-statsd-backend" ],

See the statsd manpage for more information.

NPM Dependencies



If you want to contribute:

  1. Clone your fork
  2. Hack away
  3. If you are adding new functionality, document it in the README
  4. Push the branch up to GitHub
  5. Send a pull request