Simple static site builder using markdown

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A simple static site builder using markdown

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CopperSmith is a very simple static site builder that uses markdown files, primarily built for myself to quickly roll out documentation (default theme).

Using simple commands, you can quickly scaffold your site leaving you to simply edit the content of your pages.

Once built, the site can be hosted anywhere static HTML content is supported, like GitHub Pages and Netlify. It's perfect for shared hosting and systems where you don't have account privileges.

Read documentation here

The structure of a site is laid out to be easy to maintain and looks like the following:

- [sourcePath]/pages/
    - _snippets
    - getting-started/
        - _snippets/
    - root/
        - _snippets/

Apart from the home page ([sourcePath]/pages/, all other pages are contained in folders / collections. The root collection will contain the root pages i.e. Any other collections will contain the pages for sub-pages i.e.

CopperSmith applies a custom permalink pattern to files, and renames them so that they're nested properly for static sites (converting getting-started/ into getting-started/intro/index.html)

So when the site is rendered, the structure will look like the following:

- [buildPath]/
    - getting-started/
        - intro/
            - index.html
    - welcome/
        - index.html
    - index.html


Including HTML in your markdown is easy using the CopperSmith handlebars helper, snippet. Just include the snippet helper in your markdown file where you want the HTML snippet inserted.

This is so we can keep our markdown clean.

## Example Markdown Title

Example markdown text

{{{snippet 'example'}}}

## Another Markdown Title

Each collection will have their own _snippets folder in which all HTML snippets will be kept.

The above code will look for a snippet in the page's collection _snippets folder called example.html. If it doesn't find it, it will look for the snippet in the global [sourcePath]/pages/_snippets folder.


Templating is supported and allows you to easily change the layout and styling with your own custom layouts and partials using the handlebars templating engine.

Simply run copper theme in your terminal and CopperSmith will setup a templates folder for you to create your own themes.

Read the templating docs for more info.

Getting Started


In your terminal, run:

npm install -g coppersmith

or if you're using Yarn

$ yarn global add coppersmith


Once installed, in your terminal, run:

copper init

Answer the simple questions to initialize CopperSmith

Now that CopperSmith is installed and initialized, you may extend your site using the copper [cmd] commands.

Each command will present certain questions


In your terminal, run:

copper page

Add a new page to your site.

copper snip

Add a snippet to an existing collection.

copper build

Generate your static site into your chosen build folder.

copper publish

Publish your site to a public server.

Currently, only plain FTP is supported

copper theme

Setup a theme folder for a custom template.

Read documentation here.

If you would like to contribute to the project, please read contributing.


chalk v1.1.3

ftp v0.3.10

handlebars v4.0.5

inquirer v1.1.3

metalsmith v2.2.0

metalsmith-assets v0.1.0

metalsmith-collections v0.7.0

metalsmith-drafts v0.0.1

metalsmith-headings v0.1.0

metalsmith-ignore v0.1.2

metalsmith-in-place v1.4.4

metalsmith-layouts git:// - Waiting for update

metalsmith-markdown v0.2.1

metalsmith-permalinks v0.5.0

pretty-error v2.0.0

url-join v1.1.0


Default theme based on the awesome AdminLTE by Abdullah Almsaeed