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Cordova Coho

Command line tool for Apache Cordova contributors to manage Apache Cordova repositories, and to help with releases and pull requests.

This repository has the following purposes:

  1. To hold committer-relevant documentation
  2. To hold release automation scripts
    • e.g. coho create-archive && coho verify-archive
  3. To hold generally useful dev scripts
    • e.g. coho repo-clone
    • e.g. coho --help

Node.js is a pre-requisite:

Easiest way on OS X & Linux:

Easiest way on Windows:


Via npm

npm install -g cordova-coho

On Mac OS X / Linux, if you didn't use a node version manager like nvm or n, you might have to run the command using sudo.

Alternately, you could also clone & use coho

mkdir -p cordova
cd cordova
git clone
cd cordova-coho
npm install
npm link # Might need sudo for some configurations

Or you can just call coho directly in your clone:


Cloning/Updating Cordova repositories

coho repo-update -g -r all

repo-update will clone a repo if it is missing -- if it exists, it updates it.

The all repo id will clone all Apache Cordova repositories into the current working directory.


coho --help

or if you know the command:

coho [command] --help   

For example:

coho repo-clone --help

To see valid repo ids and repo group ids for use with Coho, use the list-repos command:

coho list-repos    

Note about global context

By default coho is executed in the parent of where it is installed or checked out (since coho was originally designed for use in another context where this was needed). To work in a global context, meaning the current folder where you are executing coho, most commands require you to use the -g or --global flag. To make this more obvious, all commands first output their current working directory: Running from ....


Cordova is an open source Apache project and contributors are needed to keep this project moving forward. Learn more on how to contribute on our website.