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cordova-image-maker is a library that generate all icon and splash image files required by the cordova project without imageMagic.

Required Images


Should be a 1024 x 1024px with a 5% margin


Splash image must be 2732 x 2732 px with a center square of about 1200 x 1200 px(it now is the largest resolution (used by iPad Pro 12.9"))

Set The config.xml file

cordova-image-maker requires the icon and splash image size information on in the config.xml file.

Use with node.js

Install package:

npm i cordova-image-maker


const CordovaImageMaker = require('cordova-image-maker');

new CordovaImageMaker({config, icon, splash}).resize();


Name Type Default Description
config {String} 'projectRootPath/config.xml' config.xml file path
icon {String} 'projectRootPath/res/icon.png' Icon image source file path
splash {String} 'projectRootPath/res/splash.png' Splash image source file path
quiet {Boolean} false Not display message

Use with CLI

Install package on global location:

npm i -g cordova-image-maker

Default command:


CLI Arguments

usage: cordova-image-maker [-h] [-v] [-c CONFIG] [-i ICON] [-s SPLASH]
                           [-q QUIET]

cordova-image-maker cli example

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.
  -v, --version         Show program's version number and exit.
  -c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
                        config.xml file path
  -i ICON, --icon ICON  Icon image source file path
  -s SPLASH, --splash SPLASH
                        Splash image source file path
  -q QUIET, --quiet QUIET
                        Not display message

ClI Example

# default

# Set the config, icon, splash argument.
cordova-image-maker --config /path/to/config.xml --icon /path/to/icon.png --splash /path/to/splash.png

# Set the quiet argument.
cordova-image-maker --config /path/to/config.yaml --quiet true