Cordova Apple Music

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Access Apple Music from Cordova. This plugin was built to extend zwand19's plugin, and provides other features that the original plugin does not have. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-applemusic


appleMusic.init((data) => {
      console.log("Plugin Initialized")
    }, (err) => {
      console.log("Error Initializing Plugin")

Initialize the plugin

appleMusic.init(successFunction, failureFunction)  

Request Authorization

appleMusic.requestAuthorization(function(isAuthorized){}, failureFunction) 

Get Play Lists

  appleMusic.getPlayLists(function(playLists){}, failureFunction) 

Return: playLists is an array with each index containing id, name fields;

Get Songs

appleMusic.getSongs(playListId, function(songList){}, failureFunction) 

Return: songList is an array with each index containing id, name fields;

Create Play List with Songs

appleMusic.createPlayList(playListName, trackIds, function(status){}, failureFunction) 

return: status success on play list creation.

Add Single Song to Playlist

appleMusic.addSongstoPlayList(playListId, trackId,  function(status){}, failureFunction) 

Return: status success on song addition. Arguments: Playlist id, array of track ids


Play a Track

appleMusicPlugin.playTrack(trackId, successFunction, failureFunction)

Queues a track by id.

Example id:

The following methods will allow you to manipulate the currently playing track.

Get Current Track Duration

appleMusicPlugin.getDuration(successFunction, failureFunction)

Returns the current track's duration (in seconds)

Get Current Track Position

appleMusicPlugin.getPosition(successFunction, failureFunction)

Returns the current track's position (in seconds)

Other Methods

appleMusicPlugin.pause(successFunction, failureFunction)

appleMusicPlugin.resume(successFunction, failureFunction), successFunction, failureFunction)

appleMusicPlugin.stop(successFunction, failureFunction)


The following methods will allow you to set up event handlers for the apple music player.

Track stopped playing


Called whenever an apple music track is stopped, interrupted, or paused.

Track seeked


Called when the user seeks a new position within a track

Track started playing


Called whenever an apple music track starts playing