Cordova Applist Plugin

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import cordovaPluginApplist3 from '';


A plugin to give the list of all installed apps with their icons

Add the plugin using CLI:

cordova plugin add**


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-applist3


    var success = function(app_list) { alert(JSON.stringify(app_list)); };
    var error = function(app_list) { alert("Oopsie! " + app_list); };
    Applist.createEvent('', '', '', '', '', success, error)

Detailed usage:

Gives the list of all apps installed on the phone in a JSON object and also saves an icon of each of them in sdcardd// ;

JSONObject info; is app name is app-logo cache in storage--sdcard0 / '.png'. app_list.CATEGORIE_x is boolean

To Do:

Add the path to save as an argument in the plugin

Add iOS support


If you can, please fork me. You can also donate to us any amount.