The application will be automatically started after the every boot and the automatic update of your application. You can enable or disable the autostart function in your app.

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Autostart plugin

This Cordova plugin will start automatically your Android app or service after the every boot or the auto-update of your application. You can enable or disable the autostart function in your app. The plugin is also compatible with PhoneGap Build.

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • macOS


Enable the automatic startup of your app after the boot


Not applicable in macOS.

Enable the automatic startup of your service after the boot


In macOS, pass the bundle identifier of a helper application to launch it at startup.

Disable the automatic startup of your app and service after the boot

This is the default action if you have never called the "enable" function.


Indication of automatic startup

If the automatic startup has occured, the Android intent includes the attribute "cordova_autostart" with value true. See more instructions to utilize it at related plugins.

macOS helper application

Sandboxed macOS applications are not allowed to write arbitrary files, which means that they cannot register themselves as Launch Agents. Instead, Apple allows the registration of a helper application, embedded in the main app's bundle, to start on boot and launch the main app.

The enableService and disable actions will register/unregister the helper application to launch on startup. It is the caller's responsibility to implement the helper app. See Apple's documentation for more details.

Related plugins


The plugin can either be installed from git repository, from local file system through the Command-line Interface or cloud based through PhoneGap Build.

Local development environment

From master:

# ~~ from master branch ~~
cordova plugin add

from a local folder:

# ~~ local folder ~~
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-autostart --searchpath path

or to use the latest stable version:

# ~~ stable version ~~
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-autostart@2.3.0

To remove the plug-in, run the following command:

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-autostart

PhoneGap Build

Add the following xml line to your config.xml:

<gap:plugin platform="android" name="cordova-plugin-autostart" version="2.3.0" source="npm"/>


  1. Installation to the SD card will prevent the automatic start of your app after the boot. See more details from here.
  2. During the boot your app may start before it has no network connectivity. Your app have to take care of it e.g. using the cordova-plugin-network-information.


Check the Change Log.


This software is released under the Apache 2.0 License.

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