Get functionality from AES algorithm on Java

Usage no npm install needed!

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do enkripsi and dekripsi using AES algorithm on Cordova

How to Use?

Use the plugin with Cordova CLI:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-cryptography-aes

API Overview


doEnkripsi(text, key, successCallback, failureCallback);

doDekripsi(text, key, successCallback, failureCallback);

Quick Start

    # create a demo project
    cordova create test1 net.alkhansa.test1 Test1
    cd test1
    cordova platform add android
    # now add plugin
    cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-cryptography-aes
    # copy the demo file
    rm -r www/*; cp plugins/com.rjfun.cordova.sms/test/* www/;
    # now build and run the demo in your device or emulator
    cordova prepare; 
    cordova run android; 
    # or import into Xcode / eclipse


Check the API Reference

Check the Example Code in test/index.html.




The plugin is created and maintained by Gilang Al Khansa.

You can use it for FREE, it works in trial mode by default.

A valid license is required to get email support, or use it in commercial product.

Project outsourcing and consulting service is also available. Please contact us if you have the business needs.