Cordova Deezer plugin

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Cordova Deezer Plugin

This plugin included all main functions of audio player for Deezer servise


At first you must registering you application with Deezer

You may install latest version from master

cordova plugin add

Removing the Plugin from project

cordova plugin rm cordova.plugin.deezer

Supported Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS

Platform specific

:warning: for iOS platform not implemented method setVolume() and event onChengeVolume() It will be fixed when this methods will be in Deezer SDK

Demo applications

Using the plugin

You must have premium account from Deezer servise for playing music

After device is ready you must defined the main variable:

var deezerCordova = window.cordova.plugins.DeezerPlugin;

:thumbsup: After this you may use all method in your code.


All methods returning promises, but you can also use standard callback functions.

deezerCordova.init(onSuccess, onError, appId);
deezerCordova.login(onSuccess, onError);
deezerCordova.setAuthInfo(onSuccess, onError, token, userId, userString); // userString -> is Stringify user profile
deezerCordova.playTrack(onSuccess, onError, trackId);
deezerCordova.playAlbum(onSuccess, onError, albumId);
deezerCordova.playPlaylist(onSuccess, onError, playlistId);
deezerCordova.playRadio(onSuccess, onError, radioId);;
deezerCordova.prev();; //value between 0 - 100%; //value in seconds
deezerCordova.setVolume(val1, val2); //val1,val2 - the volume for the left and right channel (between 0-100%)


deezerCordova.getCurrentUserAlbums(onSuccess, onError);
deezerCordova.getTracksByAlbum(onSuccess, onError, albumId);
deezerCordova.getCurrentUserPlaylists(onSuccess, onError);
deezerCordova.getTracksByPlaylist(onSuccess, onError, playlistId);
deezerCordova.getCurrentUserRadios(onSuccess, onError);
deezerCordova.getTracksByRadio(onSuccess, onError, radioId);
deezerCordova.getCurrentUserFlow(onSuccess, onError);


onPosition : function(args){},//args[0] - position, args[1] - duration
onBuffering : function (args){},//(args[0] * 100) + " %";
onCurrentTrack : function(arg){},//arg[1] - Title of track
onPlayerPlay : function(){},
onTrackEnded : function(){},
onPause : function(){},
onChangeVolume : function(args){}//args[0] - the volume for the left channel (between 0 and 100%), args[1] -  the volume for the right channel (between 0 and 100%)
onError: function(args){}//args[0] - error message

Exemle for subscribe: = function(args){..`code`..}


  • Aleksey Stepanets
  • Oleg Kopachovets