Cordova plugin to use fingerprint authentication on Android and iOS

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Cordova Plugin Fingerprint All-In-One

For Android and iOS

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This plugin provides a single and simple interface for accessing fingerprint APIs on both Android 6+ and iOS.


  • Check if a fingerprint scanner is available
  • Fingerprint authentication
  • Ionic Native support
  • ngCordova support
  • Fallback options
  • Now with FaceID on iPhone X
  • ⚡️ Works with Capacitor. Try it out ⚡️


  • Android - Minimum SDK 23
  • iOS - XCode 9.2 or higher required
    • Please set <preference name="UseSwiftLanguageVersion" value="4.0" /> in your config.xml

How to use

Tutorial about using this plugin with Ionic thanks to Paul Halliday


ngCordova Example

Ionic Native Example


Install from NPM

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-fingerprint-aio-criterion --save

If you want to set a FaceID description use:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-fingerprint-aio-criterion --variable FACEID_USAGE_DESCRIPTION="Login now...."

Use the release candidate for testing the latest fixes

You can use preview versions with the rc tag on npm.

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-fingerprint-aio-criterion@rc

Use this Github repo

Get the latest development version. Not recommended!

cordova plugin add

Check if fingerprint authentication is available

Fingerprint.isAvailable(isAvailableSuccess, isAvailableError);

    function isAvailableSuccess(result) {
      result depends on device and os. 
      iPhone X will return 'face' other Android or iOS devices will return 'finger'  
      alert("Fingerprint available");

    function isAvailableError(message) {
      // 'message' will be an object with an error code and message

Show authentication dialogue{
      clientId: "Fingerprint-Demo", //Android: Used for encryption. iOS: used for dialogue if no `localizedReason` is given.
      clientSecret: "o7aoOMYUbyxaD23oFAnJ" //Necessary for Android encrpytion of keys. Use random secret key.
    }, successCallback, errorCallback);

    function successCallback(){
      alert("Authentication successfull");

    function errorCallback(err){
      alert("Authentication invalid " + err);

Optional parameters

  • disableBackup: If true remove backup option on authentication dialogue for Android. Default: false.
  • localizedFallbackTitle (iOS only): Title of fallback button.
  • localizedReason (iOS only): Description in authentication dialogue.

Thanks to the authors of the original fingerprint plugins

Some code is refactored from their projects and I learned how to make Cordova plugins from their great plugins:

@EddyVerbruggen and @mjwheatley