Cordova Secugen Finger Print Plugin

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Cordova Secugen Finger Print Plugin Android

Simple cordova plugin that takes care of Secugen Native APIs for Android.

Steps to add this plugin in your project.

  1. Add the plugin in your project cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-fp-secugen
  2. You have to request for jar and .so files from Secugen Website. They ask a valid email id and send android sdk to this email.
  3. Copy complete libs folder from the provided zip file to your projects libs folder.
  4. Also add FDxSDKProAndroid.jar file from zip sdk file to the your projects libs folder.
  5. Now add FDxSDKProAndroid.jar to dependencies in build.gradle file eg:
dependencies {
    compile fileTree(include: '*.jar', dir: 'libs')
    compile files('libs/FDxSDKProAndroid.jar')

How to use it?

Add the following code snippet anywhere after deviceready event.

    function(resp) {
        //resp json object contains fp data...
    function(b) { //Error handler...
        fpindex.requestPermission(function(a) {
        }, function(b) {