Barcode scanner for android

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Cordova plugin for Android APP to Scan Barcodes. Uses the mobile vision technology from Google to be accurate and fast.

You can set to tap the barcode you want or get the closest one to the square paint it in the screen.

A toast is shown at the begining so you can explain wahtever you need.

The flash can be turned on and turned off with the volumen button.


cordova plugin add


Just call the method with the params you want.

var params = {
    "text_instructions": popup_translations.cameraFlash,
    "draw_barcodes": true,
    "tap_barcode": false

var respCallback = function (result) {
    console.log("The barcode is: ", result);

var errCallback = function (error) {
    console.log("An error occured: ", error);

    params, respCallback, errCallback


Param Option Functionality
text_instructions Text to be shown in a Toast for two seconds at the beginin
draw_barcodes true/false -- Draw sqaures indicating the barcodes in the screen. If set to false you cannot tap it.
tap_barcode true/false -- If set to true the user must tap the barcode to obtain a result, else it will detect the barcodes and return the closest one to the scaning area (printed in the screen)