This plugin helps peoples that need use Market intents in cordova projects

Usage no npm install needed!

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Myket Intents

Myket Intents Plugin for Cordova 3.0+ Android

This plugin in based on documentation from


For Cordova CLI - cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-myket

For PhoneGap Build - Add <gap:plugin name="cordova-plugin-myket" version="1.0.1" /> to config.xml

Usages (in javascript anywhere in your project)

  • Myket.details("com.your.package", successCallback, errorCallback);
  • Myket.developer("dev-xxxx", successCallback, errorCallback); // your developer Id on
  • Myket.comment("com.your.package", successCallback, errorCallback);
  •"com.your.package", successCallback, errorCallback, "refId"); // refId is optional
  •"com.your.package", successCallback, errorCallback);