Cordova Newton Plugin

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[!!!] This repository has been deprecated

Newton Platform Cordova Plugin


iOS platform

  1. After installation of the plugin you have to change the Swift to objectiveC import header to the name of your project.

    For example:

    1. search for the following line in the file AppDelegate+notification.m

      import "Newton_Cordova_Demo-Swift.h"

    2. change it to the name of the current project, for example if the project is called GetStyle:

      import "GetStyle-Swift.h"

  2. After installation of the plugin you also have to change the Objective-C Bridging Header to: $(PROJECT_DIR)/$(PROJECT_NAME)/Plugins/cordova-plugin-newton/NewtonPlugin-Bridging-Header.h You can find this setting in Build Setting -> Swift Compiler – General -> Objective-C Bridging Header

  3. Change project properties in XCode: go to Capabilities and set Push Notification to ON

Android platform

You need to add the plugin cordova-plugin-settings-hook and the following configuration on config.xml file inside the platform android section:

<platform name="android">
    <preference name="android-applicationName" value="com.buongiorno.newton.cordova.NewtonApplication" />


Publish new revision

$ git commit -m "sync ver plugin.xml" plugin.xml

$ npm version patch

$ npm publish

$ git push

$ git push --tags

Launch demo project

$ cd demo

$ cordova run -device

Modify demo source

$ cd demo

$ npm install monaca webpack cordova -g

$ monaca transpile

Preview demo in desktop browser

$ monaca preview