Cordova plugin that saves images and videos to the ios camera

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import cordovaPluginSaveToCameraRoll from '';




cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-save-to-camera-roll

Saving photos and videos

var url = 'file:///...'; // file or remote URL. url can also be dataURL, but giving it a file path is much faster
var album = 'MyAppName';
cordova.plugins.saveToCameraRoll.saveImage(url, album, function (cameraRollAssetId) {}, function (err) {});
// iOS quirks: video provided cannot be .webm . Use .mov or .mp4 .
cordova.plugins.saveToCameraRoll.saveVideo(url, album, function (cameraRollAssetId) {}, function (err) {});

saveImage and saveVideo both need write permission to be granted by requestAuthorization.


The library handles tricky parts of aquiring permissions to photo library.

If any of methods fail because lack of permissions, error string will be returned that begins with 'Permission'. So, to process on aquiring permissions, do the following:

cordova.plugins.saveToCameraRoll.saveVideo(url, album,
  function () { },
  function (err) {
    if (err.startsWith('Permission')) {
      // call requestAuthorization, and retry
    // Handle error - it's not permission-related

requestAuthorization is cross-platform method, that works in following way:

  • On ios, on first call will open permission prompt. If user denies it subsequent calls will open setting page of your app, where user should enable access to Photos.