Geofencing plugin for Cordova Service Worker

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Geofencing Plugin for Cordova Service Worker

The cordova geofencing plugin enables developers to set up set up region monitoring and handle boundary crossing events with a service worker. Regions persist even when the app is quit and are monitored even when your app is in the background. Check out this spec for a full reference of the Service Worker Geofencing API.

Supported Platforms

  • iOS


To add the plugin to your project, use this cli command from within your project

cordova plugin add

or, to install from npm:

cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing

To remove the plugin use

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing

Note: For this plugin to work properly, you must first install the cordova service worker plugin before installing the geofencing plugin.

Example Usage

On your active page:

navigator.serviceWorker.ready.then(function(serviceWorkerRegistration) {
  var region = new CircularGeofenceRegion("Name", latitude, longitude, radius);
  serviceWorkerRegistration.geofencing.add(region).then(function(regionRegistration) {
    console.log("Created Geofence " + regionRegistration);
  }, function(error) {
    console.log("Error: " + error);

In your service worker script:

self.ongeofenceenter = function(event) {
  console.log("Entered Region with Name: " +;
  console.log("Position: " + event.position.latitude + ", " + event.position.longitude);

self.ongeofenceleave = function(event) {
  console.log("Exited Region with Name: " +;
  console.log("Position: " + event.position.latitude + ", " + event.position.longitude);

Sample App

To see this plugin in action, run the following commands to create the sample app

cordova create GeofenceDemo io.cordova.geofencedemo GeofenceDemo
cd GeofenceDemo
cordova platform add ios
cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing
mv 'plugins/cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing/sample/config.xml' 'config.xml'
mv 'plugins/cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing/sample/sw.js' 'www/sw.js'
mv 'plugins/cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing/sample/index.html' 'www/index.html'
mv 'plugins/cordova-plugin-service-worker-geofencing/sample/js/index.js' 'www/js/index.js'
cordova prepare

Enter a name into the input box and click "Create Geofence at Current Location" to do just that. The messages box will inform you whenever you enter or exit one of the geofences you created.

1.0.1 (April 30, 2015)

  • Updated installation instructions

1.0.0 (April 29, 2015)

  • Initial release