Basic SMTP client for editing and sending email messages

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Cordova SMTP Client

Basic SMTP client cordova plugin for editing and sending email messages.


Install iOS and/or Android platform

cordova platform add ios
cordova platform add android

Install the plugin using any plugman compatible cli

$ cordova plugin add

On your javascript call use a code similar to this.

var mailSettings = {
    emailFrom: "",
    emailTo: "",
    smtp: "",
    smtpUserName: "",
    smtpPassword: "password",
    attachments: ["attchament1","attchament2"],
    subject: "email subject",
    textBody: "write something within the body of the email"
var success = function(message) {

var failure = function(message) {
    alert("Error sending the email");
smtpClient.sendMail(mailSettings, success, failure);

The attachments is an array of strings where when using IOS the files needs to be in DATA_URI format and when Android should be the path of the file.

The return object "message" has the following structure

    success: bool,
    errorCode: int,
    errorMessage: string	    


The library was originally written by albernazf ( and later modified by Nelson Medina Humberto (

On iOS it makes use of the skpsmtpmessage library, which was originally written by Ian Baird. A recent fork can be found here: