Cordova Native Timer Plugin

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Cordova native timer plugin


cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-timer

// you may also install directly from this repo cordova plugin add

Sample usage

Here is simple example of how to connect to remote server, consume data from it and close the connection.

Create instance of Socket type:

var timer = new window.nativeTimer();

Set data consumer, error and close handlers:

timer.onTick = function(tick) {
  // invoked on tick
timer.onError = function(errorMessage) {
  // invoked after error occurs
timer.onStop during connection = function(hasError) {
  // invoked after stop

Start timer with delay 1ms and repeat 1000ms

  function() {
    // invoked after successful start
  function(errorMessage) {
    // invoked after unsuccessful start

stop the timer



Event handlers

onTick: (data: int) => void

Invoked after new tick is received by the timer.

onStop: (hasError: boolean) => void

Invoked after timer was stopped.

onError: (message: string) => void

Invoked when some error occurs during timer process.

on: (eventName: string, callback: function) => void

Syntax sugar for the event handlers (onTick, onStop, onError) eventName: error, tick, stop


start(delay, interval, onSuccess?, onError?): void

Establishes connection with the remote host.

parameter type description
delay number timer delay
interval number timer tick interval
onSuccess () => void Success callback - called after successfull timer start. (optional)
onError (message: string) => void Error callback - called when some error occurs during timer start. (optional)

stop(onSuccess?, onError?): void

Closes the connection. onClose event handler is called when connection is successfuly closed.

parameter type description
onSuccess () => void Success callback, called after timer was stopped. (optional)
onError (message: string) => void Error callback, called when some error occurs during this procedure. (optional)

What's new

  • 1.0.0 - initial code
  • 1.0.1 - added common event handler