Cordova FileSystem convienence functions that return promises.

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Wraps the Cordova (and Chrome) File API in convenient functions (that return a Promise)

Are you entangled in a async callback mess to get even the simplest task done? Wait no longer -- here is cordova-promise-fs!

Getting started

  # fetch code using bower
  bower install cordova-promise-fs
  bower install bluebird # a library that follows the Promise/A+ spec

  # ...or npm...
  npm install cordova-promise-fs
  npm install bluebird # a library that follows the Promise/A+ spec

  # install Cordova and plugins
  cordova platform add ios
  cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file
  cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-file-transfer # optional

IMPORTANT: For iOS, use Cordova 3.7.0 or higher (due to a bug that affects requestFileSystem).

Or just download and include CordovaPromiseFS.js.


Initialize & configuration

var fs = CordovaPromiseFS({
  persistent: true, // or false
  storageSize: 20*1024*1024, // storage size in bytes, default 20MB
  concurrency: 3 // how many concurrent uploads/downloads?
  Promise: require('promiscuous') // Your favorite Promise/A+ library!

The Promise option expects a Promise library that follows the Promise/A+ spec, such as bluebird (github, download), promiscuous (github,file) or Angular's $q.

Note on concurrency: Concurrent uploads/downloads completely trash your mobile application. That's why I've put a concurrency limit on the number of downloads/uploads. Meteor sets this number on 30. In my experimental testing, I found 3 much more reasonable.

Browsing files

fs.exists(filename)       // checks if file exists. returns fileEntry or false.
fs.file(filename)         // returns a fileEntry
fs.dir(path)              // returns a dirEntry
fs.list(path,optionString)// return array with filenames (including path)

optionString = 'r'        // recursive list
optionString = 'd'        // only list directories
optionString = 'f'        // only list files
optionString = 'e'        // return results as FileEntry/DirectoryEntry (instead as path-string)
optionString = 'rfe'      // mix options! return entries of all files, recursively

Reading files         // returns text-content of a file
fs.readJSON(filename)     // returns JSON-parsed contents of a file
fs.toUrl(filename)        // returns URL to be used in js/html/css (file://....)
fs.toInternalURL(filename)// returns cordova internal URL (cdvfile://....)
fs.toDataURL(filename)    // returns Base64 encoded Data URI

Writing files

fs.write(filename,data)   // writes a Blob, a String, or data (as JSON). Ensures directory exists.

File operations

fs.create(filename)       // creates a file
fs.ensure(path)           // ensures directory exists
fs.move(src,dest)         // move from src to dist. Ensures dest directory exists.
fs.copy(src,dest)         // copy from src to dist. Ensures dest directory exists.
fs.remove(src)            // removes file. Resolves even if file was already removed.
fs.remove(src,true)       // removes file. Rejects when file does not exist.

Upload and download

FileTransfers with automatric retry and concurrency limit!

var promise = fs.upload(source,destination,[options],[onprogress]);
var promise = fs.upload(source,destination,[onprogress]);
var promise =,destination,[options],[onprogress]);
var promise =,destination,[onprogress]);

options.retry = [1000,2000,3000] // retry attemps: millisecond to wait before trying again.
// plus all normal cordova-file-transfer options

// upload/download augments the promise with two extra functions:

// Gotcha: progress and abort() are unchainable;
fs.upload(...).then(...)  // won't return the augmented promise, just an ordinary one!


fs.fs // returns promise for the FileSystem
fs.filename(path) // converts path to filename (last part after /)
fs.dirname(path) // converts path dirname (everything except part after last /)
fs.deviceready // deviceready promise
fs.options // options
fs.isCordova // is Cordova App?

Normalized path

In CordovaPromiseFS, all filenames and paths are normalized:

  • Directories should end with a /.
  • Filenames and directories should never start with a /.
  • "./" is converted to ""
  • ".." and "." are resolved.

This allows you to concatenate normalized paths, i.e.

normalize('dir1/dir2') === normalize('dir1') + normalize('dir2') === 'dir1/dir2/';

If you're storing or saving paths, it is recommended to normalize them first to avoid comparison problems. (i.e. paths are not recognized as the same because of a missing trailing slash).

Beware: the original entry.fullPath might return a path which starts with a /. This causes problems on Android, i.e.

var path = filesystem.root.fullPath; // returns something starting with a `/`
filesystem.root.getDirectory(path); // NullPointer error in android. Stupid!

This problem is solved in CordovaPromiseFS.


1.2.5 (05/05/2017)

  • Added Crosswalk
  • Bugfix: list will return more than 100 entries

1.1.0 (05/05/2016)

  • Fixed bug: download/upload support for different Cordova FileSystems.

1.0.0 (07/02/2016)

  • Fixed bug in list function, thanks @sebastian-greco
  • Improved code readability of transfer, thanks @youjenli
  • There is no this, thanks @m0ppers
  • Accept string as FileSystem, thanks @dortzur
  • Normalize ".." in paths, thanks @starquake

0.13.0 (16/09/2015)

  • Merged pull request from @Ijzerenhein. Fixed Chrome Persistent storage quota issue and added directory methods.

0.12.0 (17/03/2015)

  • Merged pull request from @jakgra. Now you can write to hidden folders on Android. Thanks!

0.11.0 (17/03/2015)

  • Minor improvements in upload

0.10.0 (21/12/2014)

  • Support for other fileSystems (undocumented hack)

0.9.0 (28/11/2014)

  • Normalize path everywhere.

0.8.0 (27/11/2014)

  • Added test-suite, fixed few minor bugs.

0.7.0 (14/11/2014)

  • bugfix toInternalURL functions and fix download argument order

0.6.0 (13/11/2014)

  • Chrome Support!

0.5.0 (06/11/2014)

  • Use webpack for the build proces
  • Fixed many small bugs

0.4.0 (06/11/2014)

  • Various small changes
  • Added CordovaPromiseFS.js for everybody who does not use Browserify/Webpack

0.3.0 (05/11/2014)

  • Added list options (list recursively, only files, only directories, return result as entries)

0.2.0 (05/11/2014)

  • Added upload and download methods with concurrency limit


Convert CommonJS to a browser-version:

npm install webpack -g
npm run-script prepublish

Run tests: Navigate to /test/index.html, for example:

npm install static -g
static .
# http://localhost:8080/test/index.html

Feel free to contribute to this project in any way. The easiest way to support this project is by giving it a star.


© 2014 - Mark Marijnissen