Google AdMob plugin for Cordova, Phonegap and Intel XDK ,support ios and android,support admob v1 and admob v2 ,Monetize your app with one javascript line.simple and easy to use on admob ios 7.6 and admob android sdk 8 project home:https

Usage no npm install needed!

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´╗┐admob phonegap plugin(cordova plugin for admob)

Google AdMob plugin for Cordova, Phonegap and Intel XDK ,support ios and android,support admob v1 and admob v2 ,Monetize your html5 app with one javascript line.api is easy to use.
admob phonegap plugin(admob cordova plugin) is built base on

  • phonegap 3.4 or cordova 6.0
  • admob ios sdk 7.6.0
  • admob android sdk 8
  • project home:
  • project can been used with no limit

1.install admob phonegap plugin

install with npm

npm install admob
cordova plugin add admob

use the cordova command
download the plugin ,then install with local location

cordova plugin add c:\phonegap-admob-plugin 

or install cordova plugin online

cordova plugin add com.admob.plugin

use the phonegap command
download the plugin ,then install with local location

phonegap plugin add c:\phonegap-admob-plugin 

use phonegap builder ,add config

<gap:plugin name="admob" version="5.4.2" source="npm"/>

2.init admob phonegap plugin

init plugin after deviceready event

admob.initAdmob("admob banner ID","admob interstitial ID");//admob id format ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/xxxxxxxxxx banner at relation position

there are some banner size in admob.BannerSize,and you can create your own banner size that is available in admob platform. admob.Position hold all relation position const .

admob.showBanner(admob.BannerSize.BANNER,admob.Position.TOP_APP);//show banner at the top of app 

and more you can set more param for admob such as test mode and is your app made for child.

    var admobParam=new  admob.Params();
        //admobParam.extra={'keyword':"admob phonegame"};
        admob.showBanner(admob.BannerSize.BANNER,admob.Position.TOP_CENTER,admobParam); banner at absolute position

you can put admob banner at absolute position as easy as relation position.

admob.showBannerAbsolute(admob.BannerSize.BANNER,0,70);//show banner at absolute position x 0,y 70 admob Interstitial

show admob Interstitial in phonegap,cordova or xdk application is the same step. cache Interstitial ,and then show it in onInterstitialReceive function or show it when your game over.

 document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialReceive, onInterstitialReceive, false);//show in ad receive event fun need add receive listener
 admob.cacheInterstitial();// load admob Interstitial
 function onInterstitialReceive(message) {//show in ad receive event fun
 function onGameOver(){//call this fun to show when game over

6.handle admob ad event

you can handler all native event of admob ,as onInterstitialReceive
all event type is in admob.Event

function onAdmobEvent (message) {
    //do some on admob event
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onBannerDismiss, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onBannerFailedReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onBannerLeaveApplication, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onBannerPresent, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onBannerReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialDismiss, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialFailedReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialLeaveApplication, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialPresent, onAdmobEvent, false);
document.addEventListener(admob.Event.onInterstitialReceive, onAdmobEvent, false);

7.more function

1.hide admob banner


2.test if Interstitial has loaded success

        alert("admob Interstitial loaded");

3.for more usage ,ref to files in Example folder ,it is a good way to get start

  1. Admob sdk for ios used IDFA ,so remember to check up app service as ad.

Screenshots (banner Ad / interstitial Ad)

ScreenShot ScreenShot