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About Core FB OGShares

Nothing, we only test and love make something that is not clear xD. This package use to create a Facebook share url with ease


Simple usage...

const Share = require('core-fb-ogshares'),
  share = new Share('appid', 'url app redirect');{
  'url': 'url redirect',
  'image': 'url image'


Share Constructor have 2 argument.

argument Type Description
1 string Your app's unique identifier
2 string This not redirect url, but this is url in your app, only use becaus is required. (without scheme/http/https)

Build parameters, options)

In build function have 2 argument, data and options

build data in argument 1 use for action_properties

Key Type Description
title string Title content
url string url redirect, is required!
image string Url image, is required!
description string Description content

build options in argument 2 is optionals

Key Type Description
action_type string Avaiable og.shares and og.likes, default is og.likes
display string Avaiable popup and touch, default is popup
version string App version, default is v2.11

This package uses from knowledgecode for jQuery.param() alternative


The Core FB OGShares is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.