A streaming sequencer for CorfuDB built on Node.js.

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This is a streaming sequencer for CorfuDB written in Node.js (specifically, TypeScript).


Before using this server, you need Node.js installed.

On Debian-based systems, this is something like:

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs nodejs-legacy npm

On OS X, this is something like:

$ brew install node


Installation is easy - just install via the node package manager (npm):

$ sudo npm install -g corfudb-node-sequencer

This will install the corfudb-node-sequencer command. To run the sequencer, specify the port you want to serve on as below:

$ corfudb-node-sequencer serve 9000

The installation also includes a benchmarking utility which is invoked via the corfudb-node-sequencer-benchmark command. This utility can benchmark any corfudb streaming sequencer running under the Thrift protocol.

To run it, give it the port the number to run against:

$ corfudb-node-sequencer-benchmark 9000

Building the server

The server is implemented in TypeScript, and the sources