A Cornerstone Image Loader for images (PNG, JPG) using the HTML5 File API or from ArrayBuffer

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cornerstone File Image Loader

A cornerstone Image Loader for images (JPG, PNG) using the HTML5 File API or from ArrayBuffer.

Using the File API presents in HTML5 or ArrayBuffer data is possible open local image such as JPEG and PNG in Cornerstone library.

Live Examples

View the Universal Dicom Viewer built on cornerstone.


Via NPM:

npm install cornerstone-file-image-loader


Simply include the cornerstoneFileImageLoader.js in your HTML file after you load cornerstone.js and then set the cornerstone instance as an external module for cornerstoneFileImageLoader:

cornerstoneFileImageLoader.external.cornerstone = cornerstone;

This will let cornerstoneFileImageLoader register itself with cornerstone to load imageId's that have the imagefile schemes.

To display an image, first add a HTML5 file object to cornerstoneFileImageLoader then pass the image as the imageId parameter to a cornerstone loadImage():

const imageId = cornerstoneFileImageLoader.fileManager.add(file);
cornerstone.loadImage(imageId).then(function(image) {
    cornerstone.displayImage(element, image);

Or if previously the data has loaded in a ArrayBuffer:

const imageId = cornerstoneFileImageLoader.fileManager.addBuffer(data);
cornerstone.loadImage(imageId).then(function(image) {
    cornerstone.displayImage(element, image);

Build System

This project uses webpack to build the software.


NodeJs - click to visit web site for installation instructions.

Common Tasks

Update dependencies (after each pull):

npm install

Running the build:

npm start

Automatically running the build and unit tests after each source change:

npm run watch

Why is this a separate library from cornerstone?

Cornerstone was designed to support loading of any kind of image regardless of its container, compression algorithm, encoding or transport. This is one of many possible image loaders that can provide the image pixel data to cornerstone to display


Copyright 2019 Luigi Orso