correlated standard normal distribution random number generator

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correlated standard normal distribution random number generator



var correlZ = require('correlZ'),
    randomZ = require('random-z'), // unit normal distribution random number generator
    cholesky = require('cholesky') // cholesky decomposition

var correlMatrix = [[1], [0.2, 1], [0.2, 0.2, 1]] // lower triangle is enough
    correlWeights = cholesky(correlMatrix),
    correlSeeders = // array of random number generators

var iids = // shared identically distributed variables

// all 3 results below are different but correlated, E=0, V=1, Cor(i,j) = 0.2
var x0 = correlSeeder[0](iids),
    x1 = correlSeeder[1](iids),
    x2 = correlSeeder[2](iids)


The module exports a single function that takes an array of linear factors or a key-factor object to be applied to shared standard normal Independent and identically distributed random_variables (iids) and returns a standard normal correlated random number generator.

Name Type Notes / Examples
correlZ weights => randomFcn rand = correlZ({2:0.1, 1:0.2})
weights Object | Array Σv²<1: {1:0.2}, [0, 0.2], {a: 0.2}
randomFcn (iidZs [,selfZ]) => Number Zi<1: sample = randomFcn({a:0.7, b:0.4})
iidZs Object | Array of zSeed {a:0.7, b:0.4}
selfZ zSeed optional standard normal seed for testing. Normally generated internally
zSeed Number standard normal random seed -1 < v < 1

Note that the linear iid weights can obtained from the correlation matrix with the cholesky module.


MIT © Hugo Villeneuve