Deploy CouchDB documents from directory, JSON or module.

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CouchDB Push

Deploy CouchDB documents from directory, JSON or CommonJS module. Via API or command line client.


push(db, source[, options], callback)
  • db - URL to a CouchDB database. Auth URLs are OK. See nanos configuration, as this argument is directly passed to nano. As of v1.5.0 a nano object is supported, too.
  • source - Can be an object, a Couchapp Directory Tree, JSON file or CommonJS/Node module. Please see couchdb-compile for in depth information about source handling.
  • options.index - When set to true, folders are searched for index.js, which, if present, is treated as CommonJS module. Default is false.
  • options.multipart - if set to true, attachments are saved via multipart api.
  • - if set to true, watch source and push on file changes.
  • callback - called when done with two arguments: error and response.


var push = require('couchdb-push');
push('http://localhost:5984/my-app', 'project/couchdb', function(err, resp) {
  // { ok: true }


couchdb-push DB [SOURCE] [OPTIONS]

When SOURCE is omitted, the current directory will be used.
OPTIONS can be --index, --multipart or --watch, see above.


couchdb-push http://localhost:5984/my-app project/couchdb --watch


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(c) 2014-2018 Johannes J. Schmidt, TF

Apache 2.0 License