Wraps couchdb's `follow` to restart at the latest unhandled change.

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Wraps couchdb's follow to restart at the latest unhandled change by named streams. Marking a change as handled is optimistic — it occurs as soon as the feed fires the change event.

It is for the case when your application is offline whilst documents continue to be inserted into a CouchDB database.

The feed returned from couchmark is a follow Feed.

Uses its own database on the same host as the feed's db to mark documents as handled.


var feed = couchmark.Feed({
    db: 'http://admin:admin@localhost:5984/app',
    filter: 'app/filter',
    stream: 'mystream',
    couchmarkDb: 'my-db' // defaults to 'couchmark'

feed.on('change', function(change) {
    // do work

feed.follow(); // actually starts as soon as couchmark has checked its database