coffee_script is better in snake_case

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<script type="module">
  import cough from '';


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It's pleasant to write CoffeeScript in snake case style, but module consumers are more than likely using plain JavaScript and expecting camel cased method names.

This module requires an environment supporting Proxies.


cough = require "cough"
fs = cough require "fs"

# this works
data = fs.read_file_sync "some-file.json"

# or maybe export something snake cased, wrapped with cough
module.exports = cough
  some_method_here: -> # ...
  another_method_here: -> # ...

JavaScript (importing the exported object above)

var theModule = require("coffee-script-file-above");

// these work

Alternately, you might use it in a constructor

class Something
  constructor: ->
    return cough @

  instance_method_one: ->

Instances will respond to instance_method_one() or instanceMethodOne().