A clean, responsive documentation template theme for JSDoc 3 inspired by docdash, lodash and minami

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Counlty Docdash is a fork of Docdash. It is a a clean, responsive documentation template theme for JSDoc 3. This repository includes several fixes and additions to Docdash.



See for a sample demo. :rocket:


$ npm install countly-docdash


Clone repository to your designated jsdoc template directory, then:

$ jsdoc entry-file.js -t path/to/countly-docdash

Usage (npm)

In your projects package.json file add a new script:

"script": {
  "generate-docs": "node_modules/.bin/jsdoc -c jsdoc.json"

In your jsdoc.json file, add a template option.

"opts": {
  "template": "node_modules/countly-docdash"

Sample jsdoc.json

See the config file for the fixtures or the sample below.

    "tags": {
        "allowUnknownTags": false
    "source": {
        "include": "../js",
        "includePattern": ".jsquot;,
        "excludePattern": "(node_modules/|docs)"
    "plugins": [
    "opts": {
        "template": "node_modules/countly-docdash/",
        "encoding": "utf8",
        "destination": "docs/",
        "recurse": true,
        "verbose": true
    "templates": {
        "cleverLinks": false,
        "monospaceLinks": false


Docdash supports the following options:

    "docdash": {
        "static": [false|true],         // Display the static members inside the navbar
        "sort": [false|true],           // Sort the methods in the navbar
        "disqus": "",                   // Shortname for your disqus (subdomain during site creation)
    "openGraph": {                  // Open Graph options (mostly for Facebook and other sites to easily extract meta information)
        "title": "",                // Title of the website
        "type": "website",          // Type of the website
        "image": "",                // Main image/logo
        "site_name": "",            // Site name
        "url": ""                   // Main canonical URL for the main page of the site
    "meta": {                       // Meta information options (mostly for search engines that have not indexed your site yet)
        "title": "",                // Also will be used as postfix to actualy page title, prefixed with object/document name
        "description": "",          // Description of overal contents of your website
        "keyword": ""               // Keywords for search engines
        "search": [false|true],         // Display seach box above navigation which allows to search/filter navigation items
        "collapse": [false|true],       // Collapse navigation by default except current object's navigation of the current page
        "typedefs": [false|true],       // Include typedefs in menu
        "removeQuotes": [none|all|trim],// Remove single and double quotes, trim removes only surrounding ones
        "scripts": []                   // Array of external (or relative local copied using templates.default.staticFiles.include) scripts to inject into HTML

Place them anywhere inside your jsdoc.json file.


Thanks to docdash, lodash and minami.


Licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0. (see Apache-2.0).