Mapping of countries and their primary currency.

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Mapping of countries and their primary currency along with currency data.


npm install country-currency-map-2


Get country data from country name

var getCountry = require("country-currency-map").getCountry;
getCountry("United States"); //=> { abbreviation: 'US', currency: 'USD' }
getCountry("Canada"); //=> { abbreviation: 'CA', currency: 'CAD' }

Get currency data from currency abbreviation

var getCurrency = require("country-currency-map").getCurrency;
getCurrency("USD"); //=> { name: 'U.S. Dollar (USD)', symbolFormat: '${#}' }
getCurrency("CAD"); //=> { name: 'Canadian Dollar (CAD)', symbolFormat: 'C${#}' }

Get currency abbreviation from a country name

var getCurrencyAbbreviation = require("country-currency-map")
getCurrencyAbbreviation("United States"); //=> 'USD'
getCurrencyAbbreviation("Canada"); //=> 'CAD'

Format currency

var formatCurrency = require("country-currency-map").formatCurrency;
formatCurrency("100,000", "USD"); //=> '$100,000'
formatCurrency("100,000", "EUR"); //=> '€100,000'

Format Locale Currency

This function takes a number and currency abbreviation then returns back the currency string based on the country locale (checks navigator language and defaults to EN). If toLocaleString options are not supported or the value passed is not a number, it will fallback to formatCurrency. Note, NodeJS only support EN locale out of the box. If you need support for other locales please see:

var formatLocaleCurrency = require("country-currency-map").formatLocaleCurrency;
formatLocaleCurrency(100000.5, "USD"); // US locale => '$100.000
formatLocaleCurrency(3000.2, "EUR"); // FR locale => '€3 000,20

There's a third boolean parameter for additional options:

  1. autoFixed - defaults to true, if value >= 1000 then will set fixed precision to 0
  2. locale - set locale to override navigator settings
  3. abbreviate - default to false, if true will abbreviate the numerical value. Currently this only supports numbers into the trillions.
var formatLocaleCurrency = require("country-currency-map").formatLocaleCurrency;
formatLocaleCurrency(100000.5, "USD", { abbreviate: true }); // => $100k
formatLocaleCurrency(3000.2, "EUR", { abbreviate: true }); // => €3k
formatLocaleCurrency(3000.2, "EUR", { abbreviate: true }); // => €3k
formatLocaleCurrency(3000.2, "USD", { autoFixed: false }); // => $3,000.20

Get Currency List

var getCurrencyList = require("country-currency-map").getCurrencyList;
getCurrencyList(); //=> [ { abbr: "AFA", name: "Afghanistan Afghani (AFA)", symbolFormat: "AFA {#}" }, { abbr: "ALL", name: "Albanian Lek (ALL)", symbolFormat:, "ALL {#}" }, ... ]

Get Currency Abbreviation From Name

var getCurrencyAbbreviationFromName = require("country-currency-map")
getCurrencyAbbreviationFromName("U.S. Dollar (USD)"); //=> 'USD'

Get Country by Country Abbreviation

var getCountryByAbbreviation = require("country-currency-map")
getCountryByAbbreviation("US"); //=> 'United States'