A fork of the official command framework made for the Discord Bot "Coursebot"

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Commando is the official command framework for discord.js. It is flexible, fully object-oriented, easy to use, and makes it trivial to create your own powerful commands. Additionally, it makes full use of ES2017's async/await functionality for clear, concise code that is simple to write and easy to comprehend.


  • Plain command names and aliases
  • Regular expression triggers
  • Robust parsing of arguments (with "quoted strings" support)
  • Sophisticated argument system (optional)
    • Automatic prompting for arguments that aren't provided
    • Type system with rules, automatic validation, and parsing to usable values
      • Basic types (string, integer, float, boolean)
      • Discord objects (user, member, role, channel, message)
      • User-defined custom types
      • Union types
    • Automatic re-prompting of invalid arguments
    • Optional arguments with default values
    • Infinite arguments (arguments that accept as many values as provided)
  • Multiple responses to commands
  • Command editing (user edits their message that triggered the command, and the bot's response updates with it)
  • Command reloading, as well as loading/unloading
  • Command throttling/cooldowns


Node 8.6.0 or newer is required.
npm install discord.js-commando


View the docs here.
See the discord.js documentation as well.