Small generic components to extend the functionality of Coveo's Search UI framework.

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This repository contains new components meant to be used in conjunction with the Coveo Javascript Search Framework to provide additional functionalities.


Requires Node JS >= 12.18.2.

  1. npm install

  2. npm run build


The code is written in TypeScript and compiled using webpack.

  • Under the pages folder, you have a working search page (index.html). At build time, it is copied to the bin folder.

    • It references 2 style sheets (the base one from the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework, and the one from the extension).

    • It references 3 JavaScript files (i.e., the extension one built in this project, the basic templates, and the library scripts).

  • Under the src folder, you have all the typescript source code for the custom components, with src/Index.ts being the starting point of the application.

  • Under the src/sass folder, you have all the css for the extension.

  • Under the tests folder, you have all the tests for the custom components.

Build tasks

  • npm run setup will copy the needed resources (index.html, templates, etc.) in the bin folder.

  • npm run css will build the sass files into a css file in the bin folder.

  • npm run build will run the setup and css tasks. It will then compile the TypeScript code.


npm run dev will start a webpack dev server. After it finishes, load http://localhost:8080/pages/attached_result.html in a browser, and the index.html page should load.

Then, anytime you save a TypeScript file, the server will reload your application.


  • npm run test will execute the tests one time and generate the report.

  • npm run watchTest will watch changes and re-execute the tests and coverage when saving a file.

Running functional tests

  1. npm run dev will start the developer server.

  2. npx cypress run will run the cypress functional tests suite.

To add a new test suite simply add a new spec file in the ./cypress/integration/ folder.


The components provided in this repository should be used as examples to build your own components. Since this project is still in the pre-release phase, backward compatibility of the compiled JavaScript is not guaranteed. Note that the TypeScript definitions could also be modified without notice.

As new releases could impact your implementation, we strongly recommend that you validate the content of each new release before upgrading to a newer version.