Covyd helps you prepare for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) by providing health reminders, tips & other useful guidelines right in your terminal.

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Coronavirus Assistant

Spreading awareness about COVID-19 through your terminal


🌐 100% Offline: covyd is 100% offline. Making it blazing fast.

🕺 Non-intrusive: covyd will not interrupt your workflow. Your work is most important (after your health).

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Community Lead: covyd cannot be without your contribution and help. You are what makes covyd great. So please share your stories, tips, jokes etc. with us so we can include them in our catalog.


It is recommended that you install covyd globally.

Use npm:

npm install -g covyd

Or yarn:

yarn global add covyd

After installation simply run:

covyd init

You will be guided through the steps and will be up and running in no time.

To uninstall simply run covyd uninstall


Normally you wouldn't need to manually interact with covyd (aside from the first init) but if you wanted to here's the list of command it supports.


Initializes covyd and adds necessary configuration to your shell's .*rc files;

$ covyd init


Uninstalls covyd from everywhere.

$ covyd uninstall


Fetch the latest messages list.

$ covyd refresh


Check how many commands you have executed after installing covyd.

$ covyd stat


  1. Add support for more shells
  2. Add basic support for country based COVID-19 cases tracking. (Not sure about this)
  3. More messages
  4. Desktop notifications? (Not sure about this)


covyd cannot grow and help without the contribution from the community. Here are some of the ways you can help out.

Add more messages:

covyd includes a list of messages. Currently it's pretty basic (and short). You can contribute your own tips, stories etc. Simply open a PR with your message and it will be added.

Add support for your terminal/shell:

Currently covyd supports:

  • bash
  • zsh
  • fish

Help is requested from the community to add support for other terminal emulators and shells. Anyone with such experience is welcome to contribute. You do not have to contribute code, just leave a short guide on how to implement the functionality and I will handle the rest. PRs are of course welcome

Fix a bug:

Any and all bug fixes are welcome. You can open a PR or an issue.

Support by donating:

You can give monetary support over here.


1. How does it work?

The concept is very simple. covyd has a list of messages. It randomly chooses a message and prints it in the terminal either on startup or after every N commands (configurable).

2. What are you expecting from this?

The purpose is simple. To help developers and people maintain a healthy routine and to also give them something fun to work with. covyd can grow to become something amazing. And I am hoping the community will see that.

3. How did it come to be?

I wanted to be reminded on and off about health tips regarding Coronavirus. Since I am mostly at a terminal all day, the best place for these reminders is the terminal. So this idea came into beign.

4. Will it have an impact on the performance?

covyd is really lightweight. You shouldn't feel a difference after installing it.

5. Does it support X shell?

Please open an issue with the name of your shell and how to configure it to serve the purpose covyd aims to serve. It is my mission to support all the terminals out there so all help is welcome.


Copyright (c) 2020 Abdullah Atta under MIT.